LATBF Haul Part 2!

Here is the rest of my haul! As you can see, I got lots of books.


Please tell me if you’ve read any of these! I will try to do reviews on a few of them as well, so let me know if you are particularly interested in any of them.
 – Happy reading!


Books for School

Hi! This is the last book haul for a while, I promise. Anyway, as you may know, I am currently enrolled in high school. This year I have the strictest and most stressful English teacher of all time, and these are the books he has assigned in no particular order.
Also, we have not read any novels yet for the entire year, so we are getting assigned a bunch for this semester.


I’ve read part of this book and enjoyed it. This book is written in vignettes about a Chinese-American family, and that’s basically all I know. Since I’ve been raised using Asian methods (I’m half Japanese), I feel like I might relate to some of it. We shall see.


This is the first book in a trilogy. It follows two intertwining narratives: the tale of a strong man in an African village as he falls from grace (I’m not sure what that means, I paraphrased Goodreads) and the destruction of the village as European forces invade.


I think everyone knows these books. 1984 is one of the world’s first and most famous dystopian novels, and Animal Farm is an allegory that provides commentary on war. I believe that my teacher intends to connect both of these stories to modern world and follow cause and effect.


Homer’s two epic poems. I’m excited but a little tentative to read these.


I’ve already read this and saw the movie remake with Leonardo DiCaprio. I really enjoyed both, and I look forward to analyzing it in more depth than I did in eight grade when I read it for fun.


I read this a while ago and never watched the movie. It’s about a guy/boy/person who gets stranded on a raft with a tiger, hyena, and orangutan. I really wish I had the original cover.

Also, I was apparently supposed to buy Lord of the Flies, but I forgot.

Those are the books I will read for the semester!! That’s a lot for a high schooler, right? I’m praying for survival. Tell me which of these you have read and/or enjoyed, and I will try to post again soon.

Birthday Book Haul

Hello! As you may know, my birthday was on the first of October! I got some books. They’re mostly just fun and easy looking reads, as I’m too tired to read anything really dense.


I absolutely love this cover, and I really wanted a scifi read. I am currently reading this with one of my friends and discussing it. I really love Tarver, the male protagonist. He is really sassy. This book also provides a surprising amount of atmosphere.


I don’t know a ton about this book, but I want to start reading Morgan Matson’s books, and it seems like a fun and quick read.


I’ve heard so much about what a beautiful book this is, and I really need to read it. If you’ve read it, what did you think? No spoilers, please!


It’s a short story anthology. Compiled by Neil Gaiman. He has one or two of his own stories in it. Buying it supports literacy foundations. Why would I not buy it?




This is a box set of two parallel graphic novels taking place in historical China. I saw this at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival where it won an award. I think. It beat Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, so it really has to be good.


I’ve already read this book, but I just had to own my own physical copy.


I just finished reading it, and I felt too many emotions. It’s really fast and easy, but it really impacted me.


I’ve heard some people say they loved this and other meh reviews, but I want to see for myself. This book has an interesting concept, and I also really liked the cover.


I’m really mad at the publisher for making the books two different sizes, especially when they’re part of the same series!! But yeah, I thought it was time to read an Ellen Hopkins book.


I got this from Selina, The Bibliofiles so thanks for that. I really like Jared Diamond’s anthropological studies

Those were my birthday books! I am really excited to read them all. Please tell me which ones you want me to review, and I will gladly do so.

Book Haul and Unhaul

So I decided to go to two used book stores and try to trade away some of my old books. I really wasn’t sure of the pricing and how much the stores would offer for my books, so I was pretty nervous.

Books I got rid of:
There are a few missing from this picture and a couple I couldn’t sell, but these are basically the books I traded away. I got rid of them for several reasons. I either didn’t like them, had extra copies or had no intention of ever reading.


Books I obtained


I paid for these books with my old books and an additional $4. Overall I am excited to read these books, and I was pretty surprised that I was able to find such an interesting selection of books.

Overall Experience

I think I expected to get more payment for my books, especially since most of them were in almost perfect condition. I don’t regret it, but I do kind of miss a couple of these books, even though I didn’t like them or had extra copies. I was glad to get new books in relatively good condition. I am limiting my book buying after the huge haul in June and waiting until my birthday and the holidays to buy more, so these will sustain me until then. I haven’t read half the books on my bookshelf, so I really have no idea why I have any business getting more, but whatever.

Have you ever sold your books? Do you prefer new or used copies? Tell me in the comments. I really want to hear your experiences.

June 2014 Acquired Books

I’m case you didn’t believe me when I said I had a book buying problem, I present you with more evidence.

From Barnes & Noble


This first book answers the answers of nutrition and why humans like the foods we do. Why are humans so attracted to fat and sugar? I guess I’ll find out after I read this book.


This book is a fantasy novel that takes place in the 1800s (I think). A man enchants clay and turns it into a golem to serve him. When he dies, the golem has to survive by itself in the big city.

From NetGalley/Other Giveaways

I have received all of the books I’m this section in exchange for an honest review.


This is a post-apocalyptic type book about a girl who wakes from a fever to find that her mother is gone and her city is destroyed. She is taken to a mysterious company’s headquarters. 87 years later, a boy is awoken from (I think) a cryogenic slumber to find that the world is completely different.


This book is about a girl who escapes from a dystopian society after being convicted for a crime she didn’t commit. In this world, committing one of the seven deadly sins is forbidden. Somehow, the main character’s guard becomes her love interest.


This book follows a woman after her son gets diagnosed with autism. Her husband leaves her, and she is having trouble making ends meet. All of a sudden, a man from her past comes back into her life after severely breaking her heart. Also, I really like the cover.


I won this book from GoodReads Firstreads. This book is a dystopian that takes place on Mars. It’s about a man named Darrow who is one of thousands of people who work in mines to get the elements that allow the planet to be terraformed. One day, Darrow learns everything is a lie, and that he is being used. Revolts happen.


I won this from GoodReads as well, and I was pleasantly surprised by the extra mini booklet thing that came with it. This is the second book in the All Souls Trilogy, which is about witches. I have not read the first one, but I plan to marathon through the first two books. After discovering an alchemy book, the main character puts the existence of all magical creatures at risk and travels back in time to remedy her mistake.

From Book Outlet


This book is about a girl named Delilah who cannot keep her life together. Over the summer, she learns more about her family’s painful past and makes new friends, meets new love interests, and discovers herself.


After a terrible car crash, the main character Eve is left to heal by herself in the hospital. To combat her absolute boredom, her mother assigns her a project: create the perfect boy.


In an exclusive school hidden in Virginia, students don’t learn normal subjects. They are taught to manipulate and persuade. The top students graduate into a nameless organization that is both highly influential and secretive. Orphan Emily Ruff becomes the school’s top prodigy, but she accidentally falls in love. There is another side of the story about a man named Wil who is ambushed at an airport and pursued everywhere. The two stories intertwine, revealing the full extent of the nameless organization’s power.


This book follows wealthy socialites as they realize their fortunes may be in peril. Two sisters try to navigate the social world of New York 1899 and defend themselves from backstabbers.


Princess Ana is beautiful. Her face is soft and welcoming. She looks nothing like her mother, whose beauty is sharper and darker. Her mother loathes the fact that her daughter’s beauty rivals her own and sends her off to a boarding school academy. There, her only friend leaves her to join the popular crowd. Ana is alone when she discovers the dark secrets of the academy.


This is a retelling of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” that is filled with ball gowns and suitors until Princess Azalea and her sisters are imprisoned. Every night, they are allowed to slip through an enchanted passage and dance in the forest for a cost. Frustratingly, the description does not elaborate…


Two inseparable best friends find their blood challenged when a gifted musician comes between them. His music has awakened an ancient evil and mythical worlds.


Princess Elisa is special. On her sixteenth birthday, she becomes the secret wife of a king whose country is in turmoil. Elisa is being hunted. She has to awaken her powers before she is killed by evil forces and save the kingdom.


This is another dystopian. The world has no air. If you want to survive, you have to pay to breathe. Three teens work together to unlock the truth about what happened to the air.


This book is about a teen who hits her head and wakes up with amnesia. As she traces her memories, she realizes that even the smallest events can make the biggest impact.

From Amazon

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare follows fifteen year old Clary Fray as she unlocks the world of shadow hunters and down worlders in this fantasy series.








Also! I got the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series! This series is an epic fantasy that tells the story of different houses battling for the throne of Westeros, the land where the series is set.

From the Last Bookstore
The Last Bookstore is this really awesome store in Los Angeles that sells used and new books. They have towers and tables made of books and extra rooms with antique books and creaky floorboards. Upstairs there is an art exhibition and a labyrinth of books.


This book is about a world where everyone can hear each other’s thoughts. The world contains a terrible secret.


I went through so much trouble to get this book! It’s kind of crazy. Anyway, this is a graphic novel that one the LA a Times Book Festival award in the Graphic Novel category. It’s about the author when she was a rebellious teenager and set out on a wild hitchhiking trip across Italy.