On Lending Books

Generally, I do like lending my books to people, as I really want others to share the joy of my books. However, I hate the fact that books I lent out almost a year ago are still sitting in some dark corners of my friends’ houses. Also, I often get books back in a much worse condition than they were in originally, and it just really annoys me. I will keep lending books out to some people, but I know that there are some friends and family members that I cannot trust with my books, no matter how much I want them to read.

That’s basically all I have to say for now on the matter. Sorry for the ranting/rambling, but I’m sure some of you can relate. Do you have the same problems with lending? Let me know.


6 Replies to “On Lending Books”

  1. Yes! I mean I want to lend books (so far no one has really asked me..or I didn’t have the book they wanted to read) but I’m scared they’ll come back damaged…(although sometimes that’s my fault…even though I try to be careful!) :p

  2. I’ve stopped lending books, because I’m never happy with the condition they come back in. I try to take really good care of my books, and I got sick of getting them back stained, ripped, creased, etc. One of my friends returned a book to me with the corner chewed off by her cat! I’ve also had experiences lending books and then never getting them back, which is so inconsiderate!

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