Afterworlds Review Part 2- GIFs

To see GIFs in the next section without getting spoiled, scroll quickly without reading the text
Spoiler discussion

First of all, here are some GIFs that describe my reactions to various scenes.

The airport shooting: scared37


The kiss between Imogen and Darcy (which I thought was forced and kinda insta-lovey:


The part where Lizzie kills that bad man (or is it the old man? I mix them up):



The moment when Imogen makes up with Darcy and sneaks her friends into BEA:


Quick Thoughts:

I was pretty mad that Imogen and Darcy got together at first, but as I became more accustomed to it, I came to accept it. I never fully fangirl shipped it or anything, but they were pretty nice together. I really liked the falling out they had, as I think it added more emotion to the story.

I’m still not sure how that underworld river thing worked out.

That’s basically it!! What did you think of the book? Also, feel free to give me answers on any of the above confusions.


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