Afterworlds Review


Title: Afterworlds

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.75

Pages: 599

Hello! I haven’t reviewed a book in a while, and it’s been way too long. Remember that I have a weird rating system which you can find here.

Non-Spoiler Thoughts

Plot: A

I really thought that this was a creative idea and I have never seen anything like it, but I was somewhat confused by certain logistical aspects. Maybe I just have reading comprehension problems, but I just wasn’t 100% sure how the transition between the real world and the Afterworld worked out. I was very happy to get a sort of behind-the-scenes view of the publishing industry, no matter how inaccurate it might have been. They referenced book bloggers, ARCs, and BEA, and I thought it was pretty awesome.

Characters: B+

Most of the characters were pretty well-developed, but I did feel like some of them were kind of one-dimensional. For example, I wasn’t a huge fan of Yamaraj or his sister, but I did like Darcy and Imogen.

Writing Style: B

There was nothing terribly unique about it, but I did enjoy reading it. The different tones for different parts of the book was good. There were some dark moments, some contemplative and some happy. The writing style in Darcy’s book and the writing style about Darcy were similar, but different enough that it was believable that they were two different authors. Does that make sense? I hope so, because I don’t really know how else to phrase that. Also, I found one or two typos.

Engagement: A-

I found myself engrossed more at the beginning and end of the book, which I think is totally normal. I still found the middle interesting, but not enough to read through it in one sitting. I still had some self control to put the book down.

Dialogue: B

Some of it was really great, like the deep conversations that Darcy and Imogen had together, but some of it was just kind of blah. Also, the scenes with all the authors complaining about writing certain scenes and stuff was a lot of fun to read. I have seen much worse dialogue.

Wordbuilding: B

As I already mentioned, I had some trouble understanding exactly how the Afterworld and the Underworld worked. It was a pretty cool concept, though, and I could still basically understand the story without a complete understanding of the world.

Romance: B

It seemed a little forced at first. I will go into more detail in the spoiler discussion section, which is coming up soon.

Overall: A-/B+

I really enjoyed this book and found it a creative and interesting read. Also, I love the cover so much. The actual cover in person is even cooler, as it has a sort of pearly glimmer.

I will be uploading a spoiler discussion section soon as well. There will be GIFs, and you can look at them without reading the text if you do not wish to be spoiled. See you soon and thank you for reading my review!


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