Books for School

Hi! This is the last book haul for a while, I promise. Anyway, as you may know, I am currently enrolled in high school. This year I have the strictest and most stressful English teacher of all time, and these are the books he has assigned in no particular order.
Also, we have not read any novels yet for the entire year, so we are getting assigned a bunch for this semester.


I’ve read part of this book and enjoyed it. This book is written in vignettes about a Chinese-American family, and that’s basically all I know. Since I’ve been raised using Asian methods (I’m half Japanese), I feel like I might relate to some of it. We shall see.


This is the first book in a trilogy. It follows two intertwining narratives: the tale of a strong man in an African village as he falls from grace (I’m not sure what that means, I paraphrased Goodreads) and the destruction of the village as European forces invade.


I think everyone knows these books. 1984 is one of the world’s first and most famous dystopian novels, and Animal Farm is an allegory that provides commentary on war. I believe that my teacher intends to connect both of these stories to modern world and follow cause and effect.


Homer’s two epic poems. I’m excited but a little tentative to read these.


I’ve already read this and saw the movie remake with Leonardo DiCaprio. I really enjoyed both, and I look forward to analyzing it in more depth than I did in eight grade when I read it for fun.


I read this a while ago and never watched the movie. It’s about a guy/boy/person who gets stranded on a raft with a tiger, hyena, and orangutan. I really wish I had the original cover.

Also, I was apparently supposed to buy Lord of the Flies, but I forgot.

Those are the books I will read for the semester!! That’s a lot for a high schooler, right? I’m praying for survival. Tell me which of these you have read and/or enjoyed, and I will try to post again soon.


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