Quick Update

Hi. You may have noticed my absence online for the past few weeks. I was supposed to do BookBlogWriMo, but I failed after the first couple of days, due to a sudden increase in school problems. I would like to apologize and reassure you that I still exist. Also, I got a new computer today, so that’s cool! I should have a book haul or two in the coming month, one for the holidays and one for Black Friday. I ordered WAY too many books off of BookOutlet, and they are being shipped to me. Thank you for your patience and support!!



4 Replies to “Quick Update”

  1. I’m glad you’re not giving up blogging! New computer’s are the best! I got mine from a Black Friday deal too. (Like four years ago) Yay for lots of books! I was so tempted, but I restrained myself since it’s right before Christmas and all.

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