BookBlogWriMo Day 3: Where you Read

Hello, and welcome to day 3 of BookBlogWriMo! I will be discussing where I read today.


I generally read in my bed, on my sofa, or on my bean bag chair. I can never find the right position, despite my many options and potential setups. I have a convertible beanbag thing. It’s a huge rectangle that can be propped up in several different was or can act as a huge floor cushion thing, but it never has enough stuffing to be really comfortable.

When I’m reading in bed, I prefer lying on my side, which is quite difficult to do while reading a book. This I another factor that discourages me from reading, even though it’s a stupid reason.

That’s about it! Thank you for supporting my blog!


2 Replies to “BookBlogWriMo Day 3: Where you Read”

  1. That’s exactly how I read on my bed, which is where I read most of the time. Other times I am curled up with both of my legs under me on the couch or I read in the little spare moments of the day (i.e. The few minutes I have for lunch.)

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