Reorganizing My Bookshelf!

I’ve been in the process of organizing my shelf for the past two weeks. Yeah, I totally procrastinate. But to be fair, the method I’m using this time is ridiculously tedious. I have sorted out all of my books by size and packed them together quite densely. It’s actually way more difficult than I thought, and I had to find the perfect widths of books as well as height for them to fit together perfectly. Here is bookshelf 1/4. It’s the only complete one.


You can see by the mess on my floor that I have a ton of work left.


In case you’re interested, there are about 7 main sizes of books on my shelf: two sizes of hardcover and five of paperback. And of course some of them that don’t fit in at all. Those are a total pain, but yeah! I really like this system of organization, as I find it quite visually appealing. If only I had the time and patience to color code these…

How often do you reorganize your shelves, if ever? I do it several time a year, and it gets pretty messy.

This was a very disorganized post, but I just impulsively wrote this, so you’ll survive.


10 Replies to “Reorganizing My Bookshelf!”

  1. I love pictures of bookshelves, and reorganizing my own! I just did it recently. But my bookshelf is about four feet taller than I am so it was an all-day affair and rather difficult. Standing on a swivel chair was not a good idea.

  2. Now on that showing I shall invite you over before i next go on holiday and get you to do my packing!

    I’ve taken a different approach and like you am enormously satisifed (for now) My higgledy piggledy shelves had not been sorted for decades. But I recently had major refurb work done, and everything got taken into storage. So WELL over a 1000 books in a massive selection of boxes marked…….books …….by the storage guys offered a golden opportunity. Fiction is by A-Z author surname, like the library. Non Fiction are in broad category of subject matter, but not in any alphabetical (except biographies, by the subject name.

    Finally, I’m (I don’t know for how long it will last) in the situation where if anyone says ‘have you got/have your read etc etc for ANY book I can find it if I either know the author, or the subject matter.

    I discovered in the unpacking and the re-organising that I had probably 20 + books as duplicates, as over the years I’d bought them twice! Sometimes it was ‘I’d like to re-read that’ and because I couldn’t find the book, assumed it had been borrowed rather than bought, only to discover the same book, different reprints, or one bought as new on publication and then bought second hand on-line 10 years later.

    I admit some of the big books pose problems, so there is a periodic pile of ‘all fictional big books with authors A-C etc. AND I have one particular bookshelf which has deep shelves, so that has turned into a complicated double shelf affair, with various little stacks arranged to allow some access to the back shelf lot!

  3. You must be good at tetris. I can never find enough books that are the right size. Your shelf looks great! I like all of the books going different directions. Mine are all just horizontal. I just recently organize mine for the first time in I don’t know how long.

  4. I really don’t have the space to bother reorganizing my shelves – they’re all overflowing! I do have some organization though – I keep all my vintage books together, comics together (when I can) and reference books (like writing books, cook books, etc) and I make sure to keep authors together as best I can. I wouldn’t want one Tanith Lee book separated from the others!

    My ultimate goal though, is to have more space so books aren’t piled on top of and in front of each other – then I would alphabetize them by author – so it would be super easy to find who I was looking for! This though, would require a dedicated room and more shelves – so it’s a pipe dream for now.

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