A Tale for the Time Being Wrap-Up

Hey! So I totally realize how long it’s been since I’ve posted, but I’ve just had so much to do with school and all that. So yeah. I might be even busier as the year goes on, but I will post sporadically. Please don’t forget about me! I love the blogging community! Wow. I’m really off-topic.


But that’s totally ok, because this book was kind of like that. I felt it covered so many themes and ideas in such a short period of time, and it was full of culture and philosophy and science and magical realism. I really think the author did a good job of neatly incorporating so many different things into the book and managing to make an interesting story. There was also a lot of emotional depth to the story, and I really enjoyed it. Overall, it was quite a thought-provoking book. 


I realize I took a really long time to read it, and I have reasons, although I am questioning their legitimacy. This is the section in which I try to make excuses for taking so long. First of all, I’ve been in a HUGE reading slump for the longest time. It’s still going on, and I am seriously ashamed of myself. I have to strain my brain all day with challenging classes, and I just kind of deflate when I get home. Also, I just feel like this is the kind of book you should read little by little. It’s rich in culture and philosophy, and I just think that digesting it incrementally is more enjoyable. I’ve really felt super guilty about not finishing it sooner, but I really just could not bring myself to read it or any other book, really. 


This concludes the buddy read! It kind of fell apart because of my trip to Japan, so I’m really sorry about that! As you can see in my sidebar widget thing, I am reading 5 books, 4 of which are ARCs. I am focusing on finishing The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare and Zac and Mia by AJ Betts, so you can look forward to those reviews. 


Until next time, which is hopefully really soon!


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