Book Haul and Unhaul

So I decided to go to two used book stores and try to trade away some of my old books. I really wasn’t sure of the pricing and how much the stores would offer for my books, so I was pretty nervous.

Books I got rid of:
There are a few missing from this picture and a couple I couldn’t sell, but these are basically the books I traded away. I got rid of them for several reasons. I either didn’t like them, had extra copies or had no intention of ever reading.


Books I obtained


I paid for these books with my old books and an additional $4. Overall I am excited to read these books, and I was pretty surprised that I was able to find such an interesting selection of books.

Overall Experience

I think I expected to get more payment for my books, especially since most of them were in almost perfect condition. I don’t regret it, but I do kind of miss a couple of these books, even though I didn’t like them or had extra copies. I was glad to get new books in relatively good condition. I am limiting my book buying after the huge haul in June and waiting until my birthday and the holidays to buy more, so these will sustain me until then. I haven’t read half the books on my bookshelf, so I really have no idea why I have any business getting more, but whatever.

Have you ever sold your books? Do you prefer new or used copies? Tell me in the comments. I really want to hear your experiences.


15 Replies to “Book Haul and Unhaul”

  1. I prefer new copies so I may try to sell my books where I can get more money for them. But I’m planning to do an unhaul soon as I just placed a huge bookoutlets order. I have mixed feelings about getting rid of books though, whether I liked them or not!

    1. I totally agree. It’s bittersweet, but mostly bitter. I do think it motivates me to read more, though. It takes a load off of my TBR and introduces some new options. I will be looking forward to your Unhaul, and I would like to see what you got on book outlet!

  2. I love used books. I had a used book store that closed a couple years back but they had the best selection. I love the highlighted comments, dogeared pages, inscriptions etc. I have a very hard time letting go of books. If I loved them they are my friends, if I hate them I don’t want to sell it because I don’t think anyone else should have to experience it. Maybe I’m a hoarder…

    1. I totally get what you’re saying. There is like an unknown life behind every book, and all of them have sentimental value. I understand the feeling of collecting and holding onto all books, as this is something I really do hope to do. I’m trying to think of the fact that my old books will go to a new person, hopefully someone like you who appreciates the history behind them.

  3. I use for books I don’t want anymore. If I don’t enjoy a book I usually don’t keep it. I put it there and if someone wants it, I mail it to them and then get a credit. I can use that credit to request another book. So even though I pay to ship out books (media mail is cheap enough), I basically give a book to get a book. Only hangup is sometimes people aren’t looking for the books I want to swap. But I keep most of my books.

      1. They should all be in good used condition. You can also put specifications on books you want sent to you. For insurance I don’t want books from a smoking home. So when I request a book the shipper will see that and if their book smells like smoke, they should decline my request. I think you can also buy new from that site with a mix of credits and money? But I’ve never done that.

  4. I have sold some of my books at yard sales, but not really to a used book store. (Though I’m at my used book store way too often.) I almost always buy used, because I’m cheap and I like the idea that my books might have already had adventures. I hope you like uglies. (or is that pretties, I have the older covers) Happy reading. πŸ™‚

    1. Cool. How much did you earn from selling books at yard sales? And I got Specials, the third book in the series. I’m planning to read them all in a row, although I read the first two several years ago. I have all four now. The fourth one I have is in the older cover, so I wanna try to find the right edition some time. Happy reading to you as well!

      1. That’s actually not bad for used books! I got like four cents for a hardback. My most valuable book, surprisingly, was a water damaged paperback book for 50 cents. I also hate cover changes and stuff! I need my books to look pretty.

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