Mid-Year Book Freakout

I realize it’s not really the middle of the year, but I have reasons. I’m not saying they’re legitimate, but I am a procrastinator. And I’m under a lot of stress right now with audition season starting and the beginning of school coming. I also feel like I won’t be able to really answer these questions very well, but this seemed fun, so too bad. I saw this on Brin’s Book Blog a while ago.

Best Book of 2014

So this wasn’t published this year, but I read it this summer. This was one of the only books I gave 5 stars on Goodreads this year.

Best Sequel of 2014

I NEED THE NEXT TWO BOOKS TO COME OUT NOW! I am praying for a way to get an ARC of the next book somehow, because this series is just addicting.

New Release You Want to Read

Rainbow Rowell’s writing is awesome. It’s lively and entertaining and emotional. I entered like ten giveaways for this book and won none of them. That kind of sums up my luck in general. Anyway, this book looks really cool, and I want to see how a realistic fiction writer deals with the element of magical realism.

Most Highly Anticipated Book

There are so many! I do find myself thinking of this one quite a bit. I read the first several chapters a while ago, and it was really interesting. I am also looking forward to The Iron Trial, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black’s new book. I don’t think I will buy it immediately, though.

Biggest Disappointment

I was excited to read this book, but the characters annoyed the crap out of me. It only got interesting like 75% of the way through. Lara Jean (the main character) was definitely not a realistic portrayal of a teenage girl, and her naive personality was infuriating. I have very strong feelings about this book, but I will stop ranting now.

Also, The Young World by Chris Weisz was really disappointing. I wasn’t really expecting it to be great, but it was really not great at all. Same with Every Day by David Levithan. It was a really ambitious book, and the execution just did not work out.

Biggest Surprise

I think this was the second book I read this year. I knew it was really violent, but it was just really disturbing, and it freaked me out so much. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it’s scary. And really graphic.

Favorite New Author
I haven’t read too much of any particular author this year, but I did enjoy book(s) by E. Lockhart, Libba Bray, Rainbow Rowell, Abi Ketner. I compiled this list quickly by looking through my Goodreads list, so it isn’t completely accurate, but close enough.

Newest Fictional Crush
Can I skip this question? I really don’t like the romance in many books, so I really don’t swoon over guys in books that much.

Newest Fave Character
I’m gonna go with Jem from the Infernal Devices trilogy. I already read these last year, but I’m rereading them now. You may already know this, but I am marathonning all of Cassandra Clare’s books right now. I’ll probably make a post about it when I’m done.

Book that Made You Cry

This book is ridiculous. It was so poignant and suspenseful, and I think you should read it. It’s about a young man and his life in the work camps of North Korea and his impressions of the outside world. He deals with so many traumatic experiences, and I can’t even.

Book that Made you Happy

This book was a mix of fuzzy feelings and dealing with family issues, and it was just heartwarming. I also love the cover!

Favorite Book to Film Adaptation
I think the obvious answer here is The Fault in Our Stars. I saw it the day it came out, and it took a lot of emotional restraint to stop the tears from flowing.

Favorite Book Review
I’ve only written a few book reviews so far, as my blog is still pretty new. I’m gonna go with my review of #scandal by Sarah Ockler because I had a lot of fun writing it.

Most Beautiful Book You Got this Year


What Books Do You NEED by the end of the year?
I have nothing specifically, but I really want to read every book that exists in the universe. Especially the ones I already own, because then I actually have a legitimate excuse to buy new books.


4 Replies to “Mid-Year Book Freakout”

  1. I have just purchased Going Bovine, and the Diviner’s by Libba Bray. And I’m really, really excited to read them. Which do you think I should read?

    1. You should definitely read both of them, as they are both really good but extremely good. Going Bovine is really weird and funny, but it still has emotional depth. It was the first Libba Bray book I read, and I think it’s a good starting point. You really could read either of them first, though, depending on your outlook on reading. Have fun reading!

      1. Hm maybe I should read that first considering there is a sequel to The Diviner’s (an entire year behind though)

  2. I know how you feel about the Cinder series. At least we don’t have to wait until Winter. The Ocean is on my to read list, I’ll have to move it up. I’m a big fan of Jem too. Nice post. 🙂 I hope you find books to help relieve your stress.

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