Review-a-Thon Part 2/?

I’m continuing on with my goal to give feedback on all of my review copies, especially those from NetGalley. I encourage everyone to do the same, as I think it will be very relieving. You can read part one of this series here.

Also, sorry for skipping my July Wrap-Up. I’m not doing it this month because vacation got crazy, but I will most likely post a TBR soon. Also! I hope to continue with my A Tale for the Time Being buddy read with Selina. Here are my thoughts on the first ten chapters.


So. This book. I love the cover so much, and the title is really cool.

Plot: B It was ok. This was classified as fantasy on NetGalley, but it wasn’t really. It was kind of more sci fi/apocalyptic ish. It defies genre. That was cool, and the idea was pretty good, but the plot was predictable and was mostly describing people chasing each other.
Writing Style: B I was kind of expecting a pensive and flowing and literary style, but I got a raw perspective from a teenage girl. I’m not saying that I was disappointed by this, but it was slightly off putting at first. Also, there was so much text speck that I couldn’t really grasp without really trying.
Characters: A- They were interesting, but I felt like the protagonist didn’t make sense. She likes calling people muggles, but she is not at all nerdy. I was able to relate to her anxiety problems, but this was a very underused theme in the story.
Engagement: C It didn’t really draw me in that well. I was able to fully concentrate on it at the beginning, but I quickly found myself skimming and skipping paragraphs.
Worldbuilding: A- There wasn’t really much needed, since it took place in modern-day earth, but I wish the whole flying swimming thing was explained more. You’ll see what I mean if you read the book.
Romance: A- There wasn’t much if it, and that made me happy. I was confused with the main character’s feelings for the floating boy, though. I wish that had been made more clear.
Overall: B+
I would either borrow it or purchase the e-book.


I was only able to obtain the first half of this book via NetGalley, but I’m still gonna give some input. I liked it, but I wish I still had the first book fresh in my mind. It was kind of hard to catch on to the plot, so I recommend rereading the first one right before you plan to pick up the next one. I think this comes out near the end of the year.


I only got a chapter sampler for this book. I read the first book in Ally Condie’s Matched series and liked it, but I’ve heard bad things about the rest of the trilogy and don’t plan on finishing it. This book/series seems promising, though. It is another dystopian society, but it takes place underwater, hence the name Atlantia. It follows two twin sisters named Rio and Bay (I think) and starts off on the day they choose their destinies. The two get separated, and I guess the rest of the novel focuses on their struggles. I will try to read the rest of this book when it comes out.


I was a little late with this one. It came out last month, but I was reading other books at the time. I did notice that the cover sort of looks like the Divergent series.

Plot: A- Overall, this book does manage to differentiate itself from most of the other dystopians I’ve read. It’s told in dual perspective (Alice and Carter) from two different time periods, showing the construction and fall of the civilization. The two perspectives intertwine pretty well, and the ending is not very predictable. I actually gasped at the plot twist, but I was probably overreacting. I just wish the author actually gave us the real origin of the Storms that killed humanity.
Writing Style: A- There were some pretty cool descriptions in this book. Some people might think of it as overdone or too dramatic, but I thought it suited the story.

The wallpaper was old and peeled off the walls in places revealing layers of different colored patterns, like the skin of a decaying onion,

Characters: B They were decently developed, and I could definitely see their evolution throughout the book. I wish their voices could have been less similar. I could tell them apart, but a little more differentiation would have been great.
Worldbuilding: B+ I think it’s easy to conjure up a mental image of the society in the book. The two perspectives of the construction and destruction of the Community and the cryogenics added a really cool time travel-ish element to the story. However, as I have already mentioned, I really really wanted to know where the storms originated.
Engagement: A- I was drawn into the book pretty quickly and finished it in one sitting. I did skim a little towards the end, but I thought it was riveting overall.
Relationships: A- I really liked the many ethical and moral debates that this book sparked in my mind. One of them was the battle between love and affluence. This was quite a major dilemma for Carter as he tried to gain the leading position in the Community after being cryogenically frozen for 15 years.
Misc: I thought this book was a fast and fun read, but I also found it thought-provoking. Where does one draw the line when humanity is at stake? Does survival mean anything without real love or creative expression?
Overall: A-/B+ I recommend this book to anyone who is not yet sick of dystopians. Even if you are, it might still be enjoyable.


6 Replies to “Review-a-Thon Part 2/?”

    1. It’s definitely interesting and different. I’m not sure I would go so far as to call it really enjoyable, though. I had a hard time getting through it because of the weird writing style. I do hope you like it, though! I would really like to see a review.

  1. I cannot wait for The Mime Order! I absolutely loved the first one. You’re right, it is sort of complicated, and I had originally listened to the audiobook instead of reading it, but after the second listen I really got into it.

      1. I don’t understand the comparison either; although, I think the comparison is more of the authors than the actual stories. The authors are both British and have written a 7 book fantasy series…but that’s about it.

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