Personal Review-a-Thon Part 1/?

You may remember my recent NetGalley post. In it, I wrote that I am aiming to read and review as many review copies as I possible can. I got so many responses and words of encouragement, which I am very thankful for. Here are some of the books I got for honest review.


The Young World by Chris Weisz


Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


Plot: B-   The premise for this book was quite unoriginal. There have been so many of these stories! I thought there was too much random violence that slowed everything down. I thought the ending was the best part of the book in terms of plot, although it was confusing.

Writing Style: C-  The style was inconsistent. Some parts were more wry and cynical, some were trying to be poetic, and others were just trite. The author definitely tried too hard. Also, Weisz tried to provide disturbing and jarring descriptions, but they came out as overdramatic and made me roll my eyes.

Engagement: C   I just could not get into this book. There were certain parts that were better than others, but it was really hard to read.

 Characters: C-   This book was written in a dual perspective using characters Donna and Jefferson, but both of them spoke and thought the same way. They legitimately sounded like the same person. The only difference was that the characters described each other. Donna describes Jefferson as a super-nerd, but this is definitely not apparent while reading any of the POVs.

Dialogue: C   The dialogue was mostly written like a script. I was ok with it, but it got way too much. Much of this book was dialogue-based, and it got too heavy.

Worldbuilding: C   The author does attempt to describe the world. He makes many references to technology and services like Netflix and Instagram in a pointed way to try to make a point about the human attachment to electronics. The worldbuilding was mostly trying to prove this point, rather than explaining the circumstances of the diseases and the reasons behind all the violence.

Romance: C-    This book manages to combine insta-love and pointed feminist rambles that are actually misogynistic into one messy relationship. Jefferson randomly confesses his love for Donna, and expects her to submit to him and act as a loving sidekick. Just. What.

Overall: C/C- Not worth reading. If you really want, borrow from library.





Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

Blogging for Books

Crown Publishing


Hehehe whoops! Forgot to add all my commentary!

Plot: B+ It was interesting enough, but pretty cliche. Look up the synopsis and you’ll see what I mean.

Writing Style: C- This might just be me, but it was really freaking annoying. I felt like there was no pattern to the weird diction of the characters. They say things like “I was sorry sorry for giving her the slip” which translates to “I regret having sex with her” and it was just annoying.

Engagement: D I really could not get into it, and I put it down several times.

Characters: C Meh.

Dialogue: B There wasn’t anything really terrible about it other than the writing style.

Worldbuilding: B- I wasn’t really sure what was going on or the history of the humans on the planet, but the descriptions of their surroundings were nice.

Romance: B- There wasn’t too much. I feel like it focused more on sex and depicted all the females as sex beings who lived to obey and sex.

Overall:  C








How we Deal with Gravity by Ginger Scott


Ginger Scott


Queen of Somedayby Sherry Ficklin
Clean Teen Publishing
NetGalley for an honest review


I put it down for now. I’m not in the mood; I want fantasy.

Plot: C+ I didn’t find it particularly engaging, although I guess I liked the ending. I feel like not much happened throughout the course of this book.
Writing Style: B I thought it was ok. I was able to read it in one sitting because of the simple and straightforward writing style. It was refreshingly unpretentious and easy to speed through.
Engagement: C+ I would have put the book down, but I was on a really long plane ride and couldn’t go anywhere. I continued reading out of semi boredom, but I was able to fully focus my attention on it instead of drifting off.
Characters: B+ The characters were reasonably well-developed.
Dialogue: B+ I enjoyed some of the exchanges between characters, particularly between the protagonist and her mother.
World-building: C- I wasn’t entirely sure where the story was taking place, so it made it harder to empathize with the characters. I did know that it’s historical fiction, but that’s all the information I was really given.
Romance: B I liked the relationships well enough, although they were somewhat misleading. I thought the protagonist actually liked they guy because she thought about him quite often, but apparently she didn’t? Not entirely sure.
Overall B-: Borrow from someone or get a cheap copy


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