Buddy Read: A Tale for the Time Being Cover+Trailer

As you may know, my biffle Selina and I are doing a buddy read! We thought it would be cool to make some predictions based only on the cover and trailer. Neither of us have opened the book. Here is the trailer:


The front and back covers:

Cover appearance and feel:

I really like this cover. It’s just so colorful, and I really hope it reflects the book. I assume that the girl on the cover is one of the main characters, either Ruth or Nao. I haven’t even opened the book, so I don’t know anything about them. I feel like the yellow on the top and the bottom of the cover represent one of the two characters, while the colorblocking in the middle is the other. I don’t know anything about their relationship, but the yellow surrounds the other color, making me think that one is mentoring or providing information to the other.


Also,the cover is really nice and soft. It has a matte texture and no shine, so it’s really nice to touch and hold. The letters of the title are engraved into the cover, and it feels really nice to run my hands up and down the writing.


Trailer Reaction:

I didn’t really like the trailer. I thought the music was too dramatic, the narrator’s voice monotonous, and the text was slow and annoying. Also, the fake Asian accent was just weird. I really hope this doesn’t represent the book. The colors in the video were also quite bland, unlike the cover of the book, so I hope the story is more vivid.


Blurb and Reviews

First of all, I’m not sure what a time being is. Just looking at the cover made me think this book was gonna be a contemporary realistic fiction kind of thing. I’m starting to wonder about the possible fantasy elements in the book and how much they will impact the story. Based on the blurb, it seems kind of mysterious and dark. Because I’m a cheater, I flipped around the book without actually reading the text and found some interesting appendices. There is information on the basics of quantum physics, Schrodinger’s cat, Japanese Temples. At the very end is an extensive bibliography, which makes me wonder even more about this book. I’m kind of worried that it will be hard to follow the plot.
I see some pretty awesome reviews on the front and back covers which make it seem promising. Here are several of the quotes:

“An exquisite novel: funny, tragic, hard-edged, and ethereal at once”
–David Ulin, Los Angeles Times


“Fractures cliches”

You may already know this, but I absolutely HATE cliches, so I really hope the book lives up to all the praise. It was also a finalist of the 2013 Man Booker Prize, and it won the fiction award at the LA Times Book Festival. </


I’m getting so many mixed signals from this book, so I have no predictions about the writing style. The top blurb makes it sound like a children’s book, but the quantum mechanics and dark themes indicate otherwise. The trailer and the book cover, while containing the same content, are completely different. The cover is vibrant and energetic, while the trailer is bland and slow. Because of this, I predict that most of my predictions will be incorrect.

Click here for Selina’s thoughts.


3 Replies to “Buddy Read: A Tale for the Time Being Cover+Trailer”

  1. Having read the book, I enjoyed your predictions! The trailer video is terrible, isn’t it? I look forward to hearing what you think once you start reading… 🙂

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