The Chocolate Book Tag

I saw this on littleonionwrites’s blog. This is the Chocolate Book Tag. I wasn’t actually legitimately tagged, but that’s ok. I’m gonna do it anyway.

Dark Chocolate– A book that covers a dark topic such as abuse, domestic violence, rape, loneliness, bullying, death, etc.


For this part, I chose The Color Purple by Alice Walker. This book is an epistolary (comprised of letters) novel about two sisters ripped away from each other at a young age. One is a missionary living in Africa, and the other is a child wife whose stepdad abused and then sold off.

This book is poignantly written, and I absolutely love the protagonist’s character development. This book deals with issues of rape, abuse, domestic violence, loneliness, forced marriage, misogyny, evolving sexuality, and racism.

White Chocolate– Your favorite light-hearted/humorous read


For this, I choose Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling. (I would call it the Philosopher’s Stone, but it would be awkward since I have the American version.) I just absolutely love the whole series. I chose this one as the most light-hearted one, although I know Harry shows some seriously funny sarcasm later on in the series.

I assume everyone knows these books, but I’ll just give a quick summary. 11 year old Harry Potter lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin who mistreat him because they don’t want him. Since his parents died when he was a baby, he had nowhere else to go. He gets accepted into a wizarding school, where he finds out that he is incredibly famous. Hilarity ensues.

Milk Chocolate– A book that has a lot of hype that you’re dying to read


I have heard SO MANY GREAT THINGS about this book, but I just haven’t got around to reading it. I plan on picking it up from the library when it gets returned. This book is about an assassin who gets freed from prison under the condition that she competes in a sort of tourney to become the royal assassin. If she wins, she will serve the king for several years and then be let free. There’s a love interest and mysterious murders that go on while she is training.

Chocolate with Caramel in the Center– Name a book that made you feel all gooey on the inside


Ok. So if you know this book and how it ends, you may think I’m crazy. For those who don’t know: The Fault in our Stars by John Green is a book about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who suffers from lung cancer. Her mom deems her depressed and makes her join a really crappy support group. There, she meets the gorgeous Augustus Waters. He’s perfect: intelligent, mysterious, attractive, etc. They get to know each other and bond over books. Then other stuff happens. I don’t want to spoil anyone.

Anyway, I just really loved the romance in the book. I know many people say this book’s characters are overly pretentious, but even John Green himself declared this intentional to make sure the cancer aspect was not overly romanticized. I digress… While I was reading this, I seriously wanted to squeal, jump up and down, and hug my pillows to death. Even when I was done crying at the end of the book, I just felt so renewed and continued to fangirl over their relationship.

Water-Free Kit Kat– Name a book that surprised you lately


I have heard nothing but fantastic things about Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. I know I am in the deep minority when I say I was unpleasantly surprised. This book is supposed to be the riveting tale of Queenie, a Scottish spy who got captured by the Nazis in World War II. However, I was not impressed. I thought the pacing was absurdly slow, although it may have just been my mood. My review

Snickers– A book that you are going nuts about


I am nuts about this book in a bad way. Rush by Eve Silver was a
utterly disappointing. As I was reading this, I legitimately wanted to pull my hair out. I actually screamed because of the cliche. I will probably review this one in the near future as well. Enough said for now. I have no words.

Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows– What book would you turn to for a comforting read?


I read The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart in fifth grade. I loved it, and I have the whole series, the companion novel, and the prequel. This book is about four kids who take a series of tests for advanced children and pass them in completely different ways. They are sent on a secret mission together to infiltrate a suspicious school. I just absolutely love the characters and their little quirks. Their teamwork is just amazing, and their skill sets just really make me think. This is quite an innovative book for middle grade readers, but I would recommend it anyway. It’s quite light-hearted, which is also why I find it so comforting. It also reminds me that brilliance is subjective.

Box of Chocolates– What book have you read that you feel has something for everyone?

This was originally supposed to be a series, but I changed it.


This book is a nonfiction book that reads almost like fiction. It follows seven real people as they naviagate high school social life: The Loner, The Popular Bitch, The Nerd, The New Girl, The Gamer, The Weird Girl, and The Band Geek. As it tells the stories of these people, the book integrates various psychological studies that discuss popularity, why outsiders succeed, and how school makes the social scene much harsher and more difficult to fit in.

I say this book has something for everyone because there are stories of all the main archetypes of high school students, and everyone is bound to relate on some level to at least one of them. The book’s essays are overall extremely interesting, informative, and uplifting. If you have ever felt left out of something, I highly recommend this book!

Success! I have completed this tag. Congrats if you actually read all of my comments. I really appreciate it. Please tell me what you think of my opinions and selections; I would be very happy to know. Also, I tag anyone and everyone who would like to participate in this tag, and I would love to read some of your responses. Comment and tell me your choices! Link your blog! 🙂


2 Replies to “The Chocolate Book Tag”

  1. Yay for tags! Haha, TFIOS didn’t even come to mind when I was trying to come up with something for a gooey read! Though now that I think of it, it certainly qualifies. I melted so many times while reading that.

    I don’t recognize a few of your choices, but I MUST read Throne of Glass. I’m so behind with this series D: Oh, well.

    If you’re interested in another tag, I tagged you for the Book Blogger Test tag! You can find the questions here if you’d like to participate:

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely participate in the next day. Also, yeah I have some pretty weird and obscure books, but I want to add a number of unknown books to my blog just in case anyone stumbles across them and decides to pick them up. Just like a box of chocolates, I want something for everyone. 🙂 I’m excited to read your responses to the other tag!

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